Attention first time home buyers: Shopping for a home in the Logan and Champaign County region?

It's a tremendous venture to purchase your first house. Of course it's also a little frightening. You'll definitely want an experienced agent looking out for your highest interests, and you'll probably want some expert suggestions along the way. We're positively trained and equipped in De Graff real estate, and would love to provide guidance with buying your first house.

Not all REALTORS® are equally qualified to help YOU find a home. Our dedication to our clients is what makes the difference. Let Bell Hankins Realty Group, LLC help you with your first home purchase in De Graff Here's what you can count on when you use Bell Hankins Realty Group, LLC for your first time home purchase.

  • From finding the best house among all the properties in the Logan and Champaign County Region, to providing expert guidance on closing costs, we'll lead you through each phase of the home-buying process.
  • We're the local specialist, and can assist you with defining your list of features for your new house, plus your community, and your school district.
  • We'll guide you through the overwhelming financial details of purchasing a house, including the assorted mortgages and home buying plans available.
  • We will make sure you see all the houses that meet your needs and closely watch all of the newest listings.
  • We'll do our very best to remove all the stress and strain that goes along with buying your home.

We are ready to assist you in finding your perfect house in the Logan and Champaign County region!

Contact us if you can't find the house of your dreams here. We'll search the MLS plus use our industry contacts to find the homes in the Logan and Champaign County region that meet your needs.

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